Foot Notes: Hot weather and wearing orthotics

The hot weather brings its difficulties with looking after our feet, especially if you wear orthotics. It can be nearly impossible to find sandals or open footwear to fit your orthotics during this beautiful spell of good weather.

I usually recommend that orthotics should be worn Monday to Friday 9-5, but the footwear that accommodate orthotics can sometimes be too heavy or hot for the summer months. Therefore, I suggest a compromise. Wear your orthotics during the morning and evening , the cooler times of the day to give the your feet the support they need. During the midday heat, wear sandals or lighter footwear.

Be mindful and pick your footwear well. If you are heading out hiking, walking or exploring new sights on holiday wear footwear that accommodate your orthotics. Heading to the beach or a sun lounger for the day, throw on some sandals. Remember to pack your trainers and orthotics in the car or beach bag just in case you get the urge to head off for a walk.

Enjoy the sunshine,


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