The Foot Notes: Tips For Fabulous Summer Feet

The nice weather is heading in and I for one am delighted that I can throw on my sandals. I love the feeling of the air at my feet but I always want my feet to look their best. Here are my tips for getting your feet looking and feeling great.


  • Use a pumice stone to take away any dry skin – if your heading to the beach, walSummer sand feetk barefoot and the sand provides your feet with a natural scrub.
  • Moisturise your feet daily – this little task completed daily can make a big difference to make your feet look pretty. Keep your moisturiser beside your bed and make sure its the last thing you do every night – habit, habit, habit!!!
  • Insoles – if you wear insoles you know that the summer is a nightmare, try wearing your insoles in closed in footwear for the morning and then change in the afternoon – its a good compromise during the hot weather.
  • Walk barefoot on grass as much as possible – not only is it a lovely feeling and grounds your mind and body but it builds strength in the muscles of the feet and ankles – a mini workout for you feet. Personally,summer grass feet I love gardening in my barefeet.
  • Love wearing nail polish, great but give your nails a break once a month for a couple of days to a week.
  • Heading for a walk during the summer – don’t be fooled by fashion and wear the correct socks, if not you may end up with blisters and damaged skin – and that is never a good look in sandals.
  • Apply sunscreen to your feet – its skin that can be damaged just like anywhere else on your body.
  • Keep hydrated – drinking your recommended amount of water every day can keep your skin and nails looking healthy and can reduce any swelling you get during the hot weather.


Look after your feet and your feet will look after you.

Enjoy the summer everyone,

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