Treatments & Assessments

Chiropody/Routine Footcare

This encompass your general footcare treatment. Lucy will visually examine your feet and discuss with you any current or previous issues or concerns you may have with your feet. She will also ask you regarding your general health and medication as these can often impact on your foot health. The treatment general includes;

Image result for chiropody treatment

  • Cutting nails
  • Remove callus and corns
  • Fungal nails – education and treatment
  • Verrucas – education and treatment
  • Foot Education
  • Moisturise
  • Including others


Orthotic Biomechanical Assessment

An orthotic is a medical device that can be applied to the body to alter, support or change movement of a body segment. Biomechanics is the study of the movement of living beings. An assessment at the Grannell Footcare and Orthotic Clinic examines the way you feet and lower limbs move during walking. The assessment includes several elements;

  1. Medical history
  2. History of compliant
  3. Physical exam of the lower limb joints and muscle function.
  4. Static weight-bearing assessment of the lower limb and foot position and muscle function
  5. Dynamic assessment of the clients walking

The exam is led by the clinical assessment, medical and complaint history. Orthotics are only one element to treatment. It is common that a stretching and strengthening programmes are required to improve function, stability and position of the lower limb as it moves through the gait cycle.


Diabetic and Vascular Screening

Diabetes is a growing problem in Ireland with approximately 6% of our population being affected. Diabetes can have a negative impact on your feet and in the worse case can lead to amputation of the lower limb. The World Health Organisation state that a lower limb is amputated every 30 sec world wide due to the complications of diabetes.

Prevention is better than cure and a simple diabetic and vascular screening can provide you with information of your risk status and allow you to act immediately to improve your lower limb health. The screening includes:

  • Sensation check – light touch, pin prick, vibration, proprioception and hot/coldImage result for diabetic foot screening
  • Vascular – Doppler check for tibialis posterior and dorsalis pedis arteries
  • Visual check of skin condition, temperature, presence of hair, nail condition
  • Manual check on mobility of the foot/ankle complex and joints of the foot
  • Dated check sheet provided for continual monitoring
  • Onward referral to appropriate health professional if necessary.